Strictly good music - Will Cooper & Neil Ellis
Posted on 10, September 2014 September 10 2014 2014年9月10日 by wethefix

Something a bit different from Craig Leon’s recent FACT mix, we’re really digging this one.

'Serene vocals over subtle electronic wanderings' fitting tag line right?

Posted on 09, September 2014 September 09 2014 2014年9月9日 by wethefix

Simply had to get this up on our YouTube channel, intriguing new sounds from Houndstooth affiliate Call Super. This track is stunning, sounding like an analogue dreamscape of an asian garden, it’s more of the same infusion of whimsical and more stern sounds from Seaton…just delving into the Pitchfork Stream of Suzi Ecto right now.

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So, after having had a few days to reflect on Dimensions, I can confidently say that it was musically (and the rest) one of the best experiences I’ve ever had the pleasure of enduring. From seeing a sunrise at The Void sound-tracked by pummelling techno to dancing in the lashing rain in a moat on the closing night, many of those ‘moments’ were had. Here’s a small summary of tracks, snippets of sets that in my eyes and ears, captured the memorable fragments of an utterly incredible festival.

Darkside – Golden Arrow

These two left the crowd of a Roman Amphitheatre and myself with our jaws on the floor. General consensus = modern day Pink Floyd (short-lived).

Alicia Myers – Heavenly Father

Floating Points playing this on a boat in the sun, nuff said.

Cheek – Venus (Sunshine People)

Memories of practically running from the toilet to the deck as San Soda dropped this on the Ensemble boat party, his and SDC’s sets were particular highlights.

Seven Davies Jr - One

A certain highlight from Moodyman’s set, this and Rolling Stones – Miss You as his final selection.

DVS1 – Black Russian

Dettmann managed to procure an acutely durable memory for me when he played Alien Rain’s Alienated 2B in Fabric’s room two last year, he topped that at The Void with this track. At this point it was pretty much daylight as well. Much techno, such ache.

Boo Williams – Mortal Trance

Never have I seen a DJ with as much energy on stage as Theo Parish, CHILLS. DOWN. SPINE. 

Cos-Ber-Zam - Ne Noya (Daphni Mix)

We listened to various members of the Eglo crew a fair few times to say the least, Whilst Fatima was expectedly beautiful, this was just totally mesmirising.

Daphni also played this, fell in love with it when Four Tet played it at Brixton a while back

Percussions - KHLHI

…and he also played this which is just totally wicked and you know it.

Cyclops – Jump Bugs

Jessy Lanza - Fuck Diamond

Finally got to see her live and I just want to listen to it all again and again…and again.