Strictly good music - Will Cooper & Neil Ellis
Posted on 25, September 2014 September 25 2014 2014年9月25日 by wethefix

Only a production released by the no-fucks-given label that is Berceuse Heroique would feature the roar of a mane bearing beast. With this three numbered package, courtesy of Bristol’s baddest AKA Hodge. Exodus Blue’s clattering percussion intro heralds an ominous pretence, with comatose pads dragging the kick into those animalistic growls and insistent lashes.

(I envisage a scene whereby a gazelle meets his morbid death to the jaw of a lion, it’s all a bit ironic really).

You Better Lie Down is a more accessible sound, but still raw as. Dominated by an almost breakbeat rhythm, Hodge lays down a springy synth line, acutely positioned claps and sirens that just fit.

Whilst aggression runs deep with the two aforementioned tracks, Return To The East goes polar-opposite with a gratifying atmospheric venture. If the sound effects of the Tardis in Doctor Who were actually considered ‘cool’, then this is what it would sound like (FYI didn’t read the Juno Preview until after I posted this).

Another trophy for the BH cabinet.

It’s good to be back online.

Posted on 10, September 2014 September 10 2014 2014年9月10日 by wethefix

Something a bit different from Craig Leon’s recent FACT mix, we’re really digging this one.

'Serene vocals over subtle electronic wanderings' fitting tag line right?