Strictly good music - Will Cooper & Neil Ellis
Posted on 28, July 2014 July 28 2014 2014年7月28日 by wethefix

To say I’m excited for the Blueprint Hydra next month would be a weighty understatement.

Loving this new tune from DVS1 (on the bill for that night), an artist who warps the boundary between house and techno with such grace. It’s the progression of this track that wowed me so much, with the tightness of the tunes’ clap and hi-hat work just as outstanding.

It’s no wonder that it is one of Ben’s favourite closing tracks at the moment.

Posted on 26, July 2014 July 26 2014 2014年7月26日 by wethefix

Not sure if this has been posted before but it is irrelevant as it’s worth posting multiple times, phenomenal techno bomb from Draag. Repetitive droning techno.

Posted on 26, July 2014 July 26 2014 2014年7月26日 by wethefix

The second Lobster Theremin white label comes from the mysterious Australian producer, Daze. Making his release debut with four original tracks, Daze covers varying strains of tough melodic house, ferocious acid and old school breakbeat, taking us on an experiential journey into the heart of British rave culture via Detroit-influenced electro and rough and ready tape jams.

Untitled signals the beginning of the generally classic slant of the EP, channeling hair-raising acid lines under some crunchy electro drum programming. But it’s the soaring synths that set it apart, floating aloft the bubbling madness below.

Released on 30th July, this is a monster.

Posted on 23, July 2014 July 23 2014 2014年7月23日 by wethefix

Huerco S. returns with ‘A Verdigris Reader EP’ via Anthony Naples’ Proibito label. It’s a slow burning house number, opening with droney horns and a gentle kick, the track progresses with its dogged and spacey milieu, the rhythm grovels in a similar manner to much of last years outstanding Colonial Patterns. Helpless chords fade in and out, with a distinguishably sombre feel throughout its entirety, the track unravels like a soundtrack to some lost soul on their last legs stumbling through a rainforest. Can’t wait to hear more.

Posted on 22, July 2014 July 22 2014 2014年7月22日 by wethefix

I gave this a full over again last night, total immersion in the LP, with changing the record as the only distraction. I’ve decided upon this as my favourite, Anderson goes deep and with such precision, always keeping the listener attentive (almost hypnotised) with adept pad and synth experimentation. I use termed ‘experimentation’ as there appears to be no set-in-stone regimentation with his productions, Anderson’s techniques are curious and intuitive, perfect for Dekmantel. With the tracks kick almost too timid for a techno framework, it still stands as the most floor ready track from the bunch IMO, but forget the floor ready term, this is a journey of mind-bending music to get fully rapt in be it in your room or a dance-floor.

Posted on 22, July 2014 July 22 2014 2014年7月22日 by wethefix

After having done the rounds on the clubbing circuit for a while, we finally get what we’ve been waiting for with this release on 1-800 Dinosaur from Airhead.

A long term collaborator of James Blake, he provides us with dreamy vocals and synths on ‘Believe’ flitting in and out between a marching rhythm of bass and snares.

Check it.

Posted on 22, July 2014 July 22 2014 2014年7月22日 by wethefix

Digging through some old releases and found this excellent house track from Markus Suckut under his relatively short named alias, #.

Released back in 2012 on Frozen Border 11.